Revision Rhinoplasty

In some cases, especially for those patients who had plastic surgery more than a decade ago, a second rhinoplasty may be requested. This could be to correct an issue that came up after their first nasal surgery or because they did not get the results they wanted and feel that another surgery would create a better outcome.

Revision rhinoplasties or secondary rhinoplasties are more difficult than primary rhinoplasties because of scar tissue that develops as a result of the first surgery. Additionally, too much cartilage may have been removed during the first rhinoplasty, which may require replacement and grafting from other areas of the body. Because of these complications, it is important to understand that the goal of these surgeries is improvement and not perfection. For these reasons, it is also essential that you carefully choose a surgeon experienced in successful revision rhinoplasties.

texas-rhinoplasty-surgeons-1 Revision rhinoplasty or a secondary rhinoplasty is the performance of another nose surgery in order to correct or improve results from an initial nose job.

While no one ever anticipates or plans on multiple nose surgeries, if you are truly unhappy with your result, it is important to know that you can get a better outcome and that you have options.

There are many reasons for seeking a revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Goravanchi sees a full spectrum of patients requiring minor to major revisions. In some cases, patients only have a small amount of residual bone in the nasal bridge or a slight defect in the tip. In these cases the revision surgery can be done as soon as the majority of healing is done.

In other cases there may be a need for complete reconstruction including repairing functional issues that may have developed from the primary rhinoplasty or from trauma incurred after surgery. Patients who have had an accident or sports injury to the unhealed nasal structure often fall into this category.

Rhinoplasty is a very complex surgery requiring a higher level of skill and artistic judgment than any other cosmetic surgical procedure. He understands the disappointment felt by patients who come to him with unsatisfactory results and knows there may be trust issues regarding the surgical outcome.

What is the Difference Between Going with a Specialist Plastic Surgeon Versus General surgeon or ENT?

Compared to other general surgeons or ENT , Plastic Surgeons focus solely on the structures of the face so they have more experience with the structural and functional aspects of the nose and how to address the whole organ, not just the cosmetic feature. In fact, the attention to detail on structure can often produce a better cosmetic result during both primary and revision rhinoplasty.

Am I Ready for a Revision Rhinoplasty?

It is important to be emotionally and physically ready for a revision rhinoplasty.

In terms of the physical aspect, the rule of thumb is that it takes at least a year for results of a secondary rhinoplasty to settle. Until that point, and even sometimes after, swelling has not fully gone down. The tip often needs to “drop” and assume its final position.

Emotionally, you need to assess whether or not you are ready for another major surgery and the associated recovery time. In some instances, there may have been an issue with the surgery where the nose ended up settling in a crooked position or the structure of the nose was impaired causing some aspect of collapse. In these cases, the patient is often anxious to get it fixed immediately. Here, getting a revision rhinoplasty is not a question. But it is vital in these circumstances to correctly choose your surgeon and reassess your expectations.

In other cases, it’s possible that there is no major issue with the nose, but somehow, it’s not what you expected and you are thinking about revision rhinoplasty. In these cases, you need to be very patient and give yourself time to assess all of the risks and rewards.

You also need to look closely at your expectations. Looking like a better version of you can be accomplished. Looking like a specific celebrity is almost never possible. Allow the healing process to fully occur and allow yourself time to adjust to your new nose. After some time has passed, if you are still unsatisfied with your image, you may want to take into account other procedures, such as a chin implant, that can enhance your face and bring you closer to what you are hoping to achieve.

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